Vanderbilt University Medical Center

31828f78e2c816003156374e91e2dd8fVanderbilt University Medical Center, or VUMC, is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and is recognized as a comprehensive healthcare facility committed to the provision of superior patient care, biomedical education, and research. Vanderbilt University Medical Center has a reputation for excellence in each of these areas, which has allowed The Center to become a major patient referral center for the Mid-South. People throughout the Southeast and Tennessee choose Vanderbilt University Medical Center to handle their healthcare needs. This shows that patients see that Vanderbilt University Medical Center has a longstanding history of excellence in medical science and that the staff and faculty there are dedicated entirely to treating patients with compassion and dignity. The mission of Vanderbilt University Medical Center is on a mission to advance health and wellness through preeminent programs in education, patient care, and research. For more information about Vanderbilt University Medical Center, please visit


My Entry into The Leading Physicians of the World

LPW - smallHey Everyone! Check out my official entry into The Leading Physicians of the World:

Skilled Radiologist Arthur C. Fleischer, MD to Publish in the Leading Physicians of the World